Inspired childhood.

By Chef Tyrell.

Best KOOKIE in town

We pride ourselves in being the best cookie you've ever had. Instead of just focusing on sweetness, we focus on using meaningful, gourmet ingredients to elevate the entire flavor profile of the kookie.

Meet Chef Tyrell and chippy

Chef Tyrell Russell began serial traveling in 2013, in Zambia. Since then, he has visited countless countries, including Morocco, China, the Netherlands, where he was inspired by the flavors he encountered. The Kookie Box was founded in 2019, in China, as an amalgamation of his experiences.

Chippy came about soon after, as the official mascot of The Kookie Box. Chippy, like Chef Tyrell, travels the world, in search of new adventure and flavor!

We’re always in the mood for food

Tyrell's Travels

Summer - 2013

Zambia marked Tyrell’s first and most impactful international trip! Tyrell traveled alongside President George W. Bush, Dr. Eric Bing of the Bush Institute and a few classmates to gain momentum for Pink Ribbon.Red Ribbon in Livingstone.

Fall 2015

After seeing camels on a brochure, Tyrell was determined to study in Morocco. Incredible food, rich history and culture, a visit to the Human Rights Council and beautiful day trips to historic cities helped to create unforgettable memories of this North African country.

Fall 2015

Tyrell ventured from Granada to Córdoba and was mesmerized by the smell from miles of olive trees and beautiful streets filled with smiling faces

Fall 2015

Tyrell made it a point to explore the less talked about areas of Paris and was rewarded by fresh falafel and a beautiful French dessert shop filled with fresh tarts and pastries.

Spring 2016

Tyrell’s first experience in The Netherlands was eating the famed Stroopwafel. This was The introduction to a week of enchantment including late night cruises, strolls through gorgeous cobblestone streets lined with dessert vendors and poignant excursions to Hague and Rotterdam.

Fall 2016 to Summer 2021

Tyrell spent most of his twenties in a country with a history that dates back thousands of years. With 56 ethnic groups, Tyrell learned the nuances of diversity, friendship and food geography.

Winter 2017

- Tyrell was introduced to a land of color when he visited Thailand. Thailand boasted colorful street and river markets, the sweetest and freshest dishes and the most welcoming faces, making Thailand one of his favorite places to explore.

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2011 - 2018
Fiduciary Network, LLC
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I worked for a fast-growing partner for industry-leading, independent wealth management firms. I was a key member of FN's deal team and worked closely with founders and senior management on every part of acquisitions, succession planning internal equity transfers, and operational matters.

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